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qgrid is an interactive grid for Jupyter notebook

Published on: 01.10.2019

One useful tool for doing exploratory data analysis in Jupyter notebook is qgrid.

Qgrid is an interactive grid for sorting, filtering, and editing Pandas DataFrames in Jupyter notebooks.

When I first saw qgrid, I did not understand the use of it.
Everything that qgrid can do I can do in regular Pandas code.

When I started doing exploratory data analysis, after some time I notice that I spend most of my time sorting and filtering data to understand/find the connection between it, changing code, pressing SHIFT+ENTER and waiting for the result.

With qgrid changing code and pressing SHIFT+ENTER steps are removed, changing filters/sorting in qgrid requires less mental energy than writing code and it is less error-prone.

Qgrid makes the whole process less time and energy-consuming, basically, I am increasing productivity with qgrid.

If you do any exploratory data analysis my suggestion is to try it.

Qgrid offers much more than just interactive sort/filter for Pandas DataFrames, like events, for more information, there is a nice 1h video and documentation.