Less is more

Published on: 01.09.2019

In 2017 I was looking for an alternative to Evernote because in free version syncing is only available across two devices.

Generally, I do pay for software, but because I only use it for sharing plain text an not very often I decided to check alternatives.

Simplenote was free, could be used on the unlimited device and I am still using it.

After some time I have found that Simplenote is a superior product that Evernote for my use-case.

Simplenote superiority, for me, is due to a limitation that only plain text is allowed.

Only recently I have found out that Markdown is also available in Simplenote.

This limitation enables me to be more productive because the focus is on content and not on presentation.

Then an interesting idea came to mind, it is possible to make a successful product just by making cutdown version (without some additional features ) of already existing ones.

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