Windows package manager

Published on: 01.06.2019

Chocolatey is a decent package manager for Windows OS, it is usable and has an updated list of packages.

Package manager provides a way to install/uninstall the software from CLI.

If you are not a CLI user, Chocolatey package manager is a good way to start using CLI.

What is the benefit of CLI package manager software?

For me personally, the benefit is in spending less time in operations of installing, updating and uninstalling software.

The traditional workflow of installing software is usually the following:

  1. open web a browser
  2. search for webpage from where the software can be downloaded (just this can take a long time)
  3. open the desired webpage and search for from where to download software
  4. then initial download
  5. after the download is completed, start the installation and do “Next-Next-Finish”
  6. delete the original installation file

As you can see there are 6 steps in the workflow minimally.

With CLI package manager all, I need to do in CLI is to type choco install SOFTWARE and everything else is done automatically.

This is more productive.

If you want GUI there is also a package for that.

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