“VSAT Networks Second edition”, book review

Published on: 30.11.2015


Number of pages: 296
Written by: Gerard Maral
Publish by: Wiley

If you do not know anything about VSAT networks, then you will be benefited from reading this book.

This book is around 290 page, with lot of pictures, graphs and math equations. So it is not like 290 pages full of text.

Reason why I have read this book is that from 2015 I started to work as Electrician Officer Entertainment on AIDA cruise ship. There I have responsibility for TV satellite system. Because I like to know science /theory behind things I read this book to have better understanding about subject.

Book have 5 chapters. Introduction, Use of satellites fro VSAT networks, Operational aspects, Networks aspects, Radio frequency link analysis.

Most important thing to know in VSAT network is that average propagation delay for star shaped network is 0.5s and for meshed networks 0.25s.

Book has lot of math, equations and graphs, so it is very good from academic point.
In this book you can lear how to calculate everything in VAST network.

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